Top 4 Best Assault Rifles in Free Fire with Deatails

Top 4 Best Assault Rifles in Free Fire

Here is Top 4 Assault Rifles Complete list in Garena Free Fire. There is the basis details of about the guns. First of all we know that All the guns in free fire is best but every gun have differents method of use. 

In this article I shared top 4 best assault rifle in free fire. Also Details about Guns Rate of Fire, Range and Damage

1) AK47 : 

  • Damage - 62
  • Rate Of Fire - 55
  • Magazine - 30
  • Range - 73

AK47 is the best damaging assault gun in Garena Free Fire Game. It doesn't only high damage but also the bullet range is quite high. AK47 is the most high recoil gun. But everyone loved to use the gun for his high damage. It is the deadliest gun in free fire.

If you have all attachments in AK47 then you have to handle this gun. Do you want to stop recoiling, then first you can use scope in out technique. Secondly do not use fire button for long time, when Gun start Re-coil stop fire for a second and then again fire. It's work perfectly 😉.

2) SCAR :

  • Damage - 53
  • Rate Of Fire - 61
  • Magazine - 30
  • Range - 60

Scar is one of the best balanced assault gun in Garena Free Fire. It's beginner-friendly and very lower recoil with medium damage. With total five attachments SCAR makes even more affecting. Most of the player use the different gun skin of Scar.

For Drag head shot SCAR is also good because it's higher rate of fire. But it have low range then M4A1 or Famas. Personaly my favourite gun is cupid or mystic Scar.

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3) GROZA :

  • Damage - 61
  • Rate Of Fire - 56
  • Magazine - 30
  • Range - 75

GROZA is a well balanced gun in Free Fire Game. It is a complete Assault rifle with high damage similar to AK47. But it has a losser Recoil. And also good Rate of fire and range with excellent stability. With all total attachment Groza is a most reliable gun.

Currently Groza is only available on airdrops.

4) M4A1 :

  • Damage - 53
  • Rate Of Fire - 56
  • Magazine - 30
  • Range - 77

M4A1 is a another well balanced Gun in Free Fire. It is a great Assult rifle not only for damage but also its high damage. M4A1 has a low recoiling gun. The gun is not only best for short or medium range but also long range fighting battles. 

This gun become better when you have all good attachment. It is also decent for Drag head shots.

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•End Of Discussion :-

In this article I talk about Top 4 Best Assault Rifles in Free Fire with Deatails for you.

But, If Still Something Left in your mind. Then, let me know in the comments section.👇