lokesh gamer free fire id number

lokesh gamer free fire id number

lokesh gamer free fire

About lokesh gamer :

Everyone knows that Lokesh Gamer is a famous free fire player. He lives in India. He is a mobile player and also playes on PC. His playing style is awesome.

Lokesh gamer free fire id -

Lokesh gamer free fire id number is 220528068. lokesh in game name (IGN) is LOKESHGAMER7. Also lokesh is the guild leader of  LOKESH𝅘𝅥𝅮GAMER in free fire.

Lokesh's free fire level and likes -

Currently lokesh gamer's free fire level is 63. He have 6,391 likes on his free fire id. 

Lokesh gamer free fire kd ratio :

  • Lokesh gamer solo match kd ratio is 1.99.
  • Lifetime duo matches kd ratio is 1.84.
  • Lifetime squad matches kd ratio is 2.33.

 free fire lokesh gamer gameplay

Lokesh gamer lifetime gameplay

free fire lokesh gamer gameplay
If we look at lokesh gamer gameplay in squad matches, he has over 5,702 kills in 3,118 games. Lokesh also won over 666 matches. 
Also he played over 1,174 duo games where lokesh won on 124 games with 2,090 kills. Which is excellent. 

Lokesh gamer ranked gameplay 

lokesh gamer gameplay
Lokesh playing style is outstanding. In this current ranked season if we look at lokesh gamer gameplay in ranked squad matches. he has played over 72 games with 180 kills. He has also won over 26 matches.
Lokesh's also played 19 duo games with 45 kills. Where he won in 5 games.

Note: All the information that I shared in this article have been recorded at the present writing time. The number may change as the upcoming future season.

Lokesh gamer clash squad gameplay :

Currently he is on diamond 3 in clash squad ranked. His clash squad ranked KDA is 3.10 which is excellent. In clash squad ranked lokesh's win rate is more than 93.18%.

Lokesh gamer youtube Channels

Lokesh joined youtube on 16-Nov-2017. He is one of the popular free fire content creator on youtube. You can watch his gameplay exclusively on youtube.

Lokesh gamer youtube channel name is 'Lokesh Gamer'. Now Lokesh have 49.6 lakh subsribers. Subscribe Lokesh youtube channel by clicking here.

Lokesh 2nd youtube channel name is 'LR7 GAMING'. In his channel he played games with Hindi commentary. Watch Lokesh Gamer exclusively on his youtube channel by clicking here

Lokesh Gamer Social Media

  1. Lokesh gamer instagram profile - Click here.
  2. lokesh discord link - you can join his discord by clicking here
  3. You can also watch lokesh on BOOYAH! - by click here
Lokesh Gamer Instagram Profile
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