Rakesh00007's Free Fire ID Number, K/D Ratio, YouTube, Social Media & More

Rakesh00007 free fire id

Rakesh00007's Free Fire ID Number, K/D Ratio, Social Media & More

•About Rakesh00007 :-

Rakesh00007 real name is 'Rakesh Shetty'. He lives in India. He is a Mobile player. His playing style is outstanding.

•Rakesh00007 Free Fire ID :- 

Rakesh00007 free fire i'd is '47282554'. His In Game Name (IGN) is 'Rakesh00007'.

•Rakesh00007 Free Fire Guild :- 

Rakesh00007's free fire guild name is '░B░O░S░S░'. The guild is one of the topest level guild created by JIGGS.

•Rakesh00007 Free Fire Likes & Level :- 

He have own 40,273 likes on his free fire profile. We also take a look at his free fire in game level. Rakesh00007's free fire level is 77.

•Rakesh00007 Free Fire K/D Ratio :-

  • Rakesh's Solo match K/D ratio is = '4.09'.
  • In Duo matches K/D = '3.96'.
  • In Squad matches K/D = '6.59'.

|| Rakesh00007's Free Fire Stats ||

•Rakesh00007 Lifetime Match Stats :-

Rakesh00007 free fire details

One of the best player of free fire is 'Rakesh00007'. If we look at his performance in squad matches, he has over 84,283 kills in 18,723 games. He has also won over 5,926 matches. 

•Rakesh00007 Ranked Match Stats :-

Rakesh00007 free fire uid

His playing style is outstanding. In this current ranked season if we look at Rakesh00007's performance in ranked squad matches, he has played over 664 games with 2,930 kills. He has also won over 67 matches.
Rakesh00007 also played 92 duo games with 385 kills. Where he won in 8 games.

•Rakesh00007's YouTube Channel :- 

Rakesh is one of the most popular content creator on youtube. He joined youtube on 12-Jan-2017. You can watch his montage gameplay exclusively on youtube .

His first youtube channel name is 'Rakesh00007'. Now 'Rakesh00007' have 5.04 lakh subsribers. You can subscribe to his channel by clicking here

His second youtube channel name is 'Rakesh - FreeFire'. He make highlights and full gameplays on the game Garena Free Fire. You can also watch him exclusively on his Youtube Channel by clicking here

•Rakesh00007's On Social Media :- 

Rakesh00007 active on Facebook and Instagram. 
  • You can check her Facebook page by clicking here.
  • Follow Rakesh's on Instagram by clicking here.
Rakesh00007 Instagram Profile

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