Complete Lists of Best Shotguns for Garena Free Fire Game in 2020

Here is a List of best shotguns in Garena Free Fire. There is the basis details about the shotguns. First of all we know that, All the shotguns in free fire is best but every gun have differents method of use. 

In this article I shared Which is the best shotgun in Free Fire? Also Details about shotguns Rate of Fire, Range and Damage.

Best Shotguns List in Garena Free Fire

#1. M1887
  • Damage - 100
  • Rate Of Fire - 42
  • Magazine - 2
  • Range - 21
Shotguns Free Fire
One of the most popular Shotgun is M1887 in Garena Free Fire Game. Most of the players are loved to use the M1887 shotgun for its high damage. But it's have a nagative point, the gun have only two bullets at a time. The gun damages 100 HP in one shot. You mistake one shot then the other player win the game. The Reload Speed is preety good than others shotguns. Undoubtedly the gun is powerful not only for damage but also its range.
M1887 doesn't have any attachments. Currently two gun skin available for m1887. In any maps the gun easy to find.

#2. M1014
  • Damage - 94
  • Rate Of Fire - 38
  • Magazine - 6
  • Range - 10
Shotguns  in FreeFire
One of the best well balanced shotgun is M1014 in FreeFire. Also the gun have enough shells to fire multiple shorts if you miss the first short with high damage. Specially It's a user friendly shotgun for beginners. But it's have a negative point, the gun have low range than M1887 and also high recoil. And the reload speed is pretty low. M1014 is best for practicing One-tap shot. Basically it's doesn't required any attachments. It is second powerful shotgun than M1887. 
If you love shotgun then try out the gun. The gun is eaay to find. If you a shotgun master then you kills a whole squad useing the M1014.

#3. SPAS12
  • Damage - 97
  • Rate Of Fire - 42
  • Magazine - 5
  • Range - 16
Best Shotguns Free Fire
Basically Spas12 is used for widely situation-based shotgun in Free Fire. At a time it's have 5 enough bullets for eliminate a player. It is a single tap fire weapon. Use tap tap technique otherwise the gun can't fire. Undoubtedly it is a high damaging shotgun, but it's range is quite low than others shotguns. You can increase the bullets number of Spas12 by using the magazine attachment. 
Also you can find the gun easily for try out the gun (SPAS12).

•End Of Discussion :-
In this article I talk about Top Best Shotguns in Free Fire with Deatails for you.

But, If Still Something Left in your mind. Then, let me know in the comments section.👇